Tuesday, 14 October 2014

[General] - We're spoilt for choice

Games, like seasons, come and go. Some games once thought immortal have slowly shriveled away into irrelevance, as more and more games come into existence.

You may ask, what games? Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will never die in my heart, you would say if you were a Nintendo fan. Or Master Chief, for Xbox fans, or Rachet and Clank for Playstation fans, or Metal Gear Solid, or...

But all we have to do is look at the market these days, especially the Steam platform, being not only a platform where big publisher games are being released, but also smaller, "indie" games have been released via Greenlight, allowing for carefully and lovingly crafted games by individuals or small companies to be shown to the world.

And this is amazing. Gone were the days where we'd have to wait foot and hand on a big breakthrough by a large corporation to re-vitalise the gaming industry, and push the way forward. Now individuals, by their game's own merits, can revolutionize it's genre now. A great example of this is Bastion - sure, it may be 2011 old, but it's one of the first few indie games that propelled an indie developer into the spotlight.

And that's why I say we're spoilt for choice.

Over eight-thousand games, available on just one platform, with more coming out each day. That's insane. Back ten years ago, we'd be lucky just to receive a choice between ten or more games (granted, those ten games were quality production titles more likely).

And Steam doesn't even include the old "classics", which Good Old Games have collected and tweaked so we can play gems such as Fallout 1 on our brand spanking new Windows 7 computer (sorry, I'm still using Windows 7. I'm assuming they're compatible on Windows 8, too). Not to mention the Humble Store, which sells more indie games, as well as other popular stores (which I can't seem to name off the top of my head).

Enjoy the now. Don't give your money towards the big brand companies if they're not pumping out quality content - better, more quality content are available at a fraction of the price if you decide to go looking for it. And even then, if that's not enough, feel free to travel back to the past where SHMUP's were arcade shooters like Raptor: Call of the Shadows and Tyrian 2000, not these new-fangled things like Call of Duty!

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